Ceptorn Sideloader have been produced since 1972
and have been used all over Europe.

It can load-transport-unload any kind of container between 10′ and 45′. Adjusting the cranes to suit a particular container is done by hydraulic in a few seconds, and the cranes are controlled by radio remote control. Using a Ceptorn Sideloader eliminates large forklifts and mobile cranes, the side loader does the job itself.


As standard, Ceptorn Sideloader is lifting 36 tons, do double stacking, and transporting 20´ to 40´ containers on European approved trailers. The cranes have an optimized and slim design, which makes the length of trailer the shortest on market.

The design and power in cranes and support legs, makes it possible for the operator to lift the containers five meters out from the trailer, which makes the operation much more efficient since the position of trailer become less important.


Side loader



Our customer says:

“Since the purchase of our first Ceptorn Side Loader in 2006, we have been confirmed in less maintenance compared to competing models in our fleet, and had become new maneuverability when the container can be deposited 2 meters from the trailer. Very satisfied and with a weight on 1.5 tons lower than the other models in our fleet.”

Statement: Anisimow Transport, Denmark.

Download our Ceptorn Sideloader presentation here.

Videos of a few Ceptorn Sideloader on the road.

See Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHaKzBWVwX4


Ceptorn Sideloader which can handle containers in second row:

See Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uXRfEak28E


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Watch Sideloader FAT-Test movie here.

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