Ceptorn Sideloader has been produced since 1972

It can load-transport-unload any kind of container between 10′ and 45′. 

Ceptorn Sideloader has over the years constantly been improved by development, according to changing market demands, and customers’ wishes.

Today, a big part of customer relations is to customise each Sideloader to meet their specific needs. 

Ceptorn Sideloader is a Danish Inherent Safety Design, which has the advantage of a very low number of censors, to make the operation safe. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of tilting backwards to almost zero. 


Some of the features on Ceptorn Sideloader are listed below, and we welcome customers who have other needs. 

  • Lifts from 36 to 46 tonne.
  • Stacking containers one on top of the other, including HQ.
  • Lifting containers in 2nd row in direction away from chassis.
  • Transports and lifts all sizes of containers from 10´ to 45´ in one and the same Sideloader.
  • Gooseneck and flatbed chassis.
  • Extendable chassis for shorter trailer when driving 1×20´ and option for 45´.
  • In-line, on side and bridge over supported leg, in accordance with customers’ requests.
  • Wireless radio control.
  • Power Pack (the complete hydraulic supply).
  • Self steeeing/Power steering.
  • Container position system.
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system.
  • Return to ride height system.
  • ADR approved.
  • and more…..

Ceptorn Sideloader is built from exclusively quality parts and components. Below you can see our selection of brands.


Watch our videos of Ceptorn Sideloader

Our customers say

“Since the purchase of our first Ceptorn Side Loader in 2006, we have noted less maintenance, compared to competing models in our fleet, and have experienced new maneuverability when the container can be deposited 2 meters from the trailer. Very satisfied and with a weight of 1.5 tons less than the other models in our fleet.”

Statement: Anisimow Transport, Denmark.

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