Offshore Cranes

Ceptorn Offshore

Ceptorn Cranes specialises in designing and producing high performance offshore cranes.

Ceptorn Cranes has provided designs for tailor made offshore cranes into the South China Sea, Gulf of Thailand, FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading).

Compared to other cranes offered by our competitors, our design features a state of the art hydraulic system, with a much reduced structural weight, while still outperforming competitors. This also means a reduced environmental impact, as the amount of raw material is kept to a minimum, and the energy efficiency of the crane is high.

Most materials used is from Europe, and selected for their performance, high reliability, and service life. Our offshore cranes are designed for a 20/30 years+ service life depending on the client.


If you have any question about our product line, do not hesitate to contact Ceptorn Cranes.
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