The RK22-215 is a portable crane

It can be easily disassembled, lifted on top of high-rise buildings, and then assembled again and be ready for work within a short time. The crane is electro-hydraulic powered, and comes complete with electric motor, hydraulic tank, safety valves on all cylinders as well as momentum limiting valve.

Some of the main features of the crane are:

  1. Maximum hydraulic outreach is 15m / 49.2ft
  2. Maximum lifting load is 2720kg / 5990lb
  3. Maximum height under hook is 600m / 1970ft
  4. Variable Hydraulic Pump with Load Sensing. Ensures smooth operation and energy saving system
  5. Main Control Valve with Proportional Lever Control
  6. A2B Valve, Momentum Limiting Valve, Wirerope Bail-Out Valve, Dead-Man Switch, etc. etc.

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