Sideloader by Ceptorn Cranes

Our sideloader has been produced since 1972

And because of the innovative design it is the lightest on the market.
The Herkules Sideloader has now become so popular, that we would like to offer you to TEST DRIVE our Sideloader product. If you or your company would like to hear more about this opportunity, then fill out contact information below and we will get in touch.

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For any interest in testing our Ceptorn Sideloader demo, for a longer or shorter period, please fill in contact information below.


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Our demo does have following interesting specifications:

• Low tare weight of 10,5 ton
• Transport 2×20´, 1×20´HQ, 1×30´, 1×40´ and 1×40´HQ
• Lifting container up to a total of 36 ton
• Stacking in two levels all sizes of full loaded containers
• Because of long lifting outreach, you can lift containers with
a gab from trailer to container up to 2,5m



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    If you have any question about our product line don’t hesitate to contact Ceptorn Cranes.




    Our customer says:

    “Since the purchase of our first Hercules Side Loader in 2006, we have been confirmed in less maintenance compared to competing models in our fleet, and had become new maneuverability when the container can be deposited 2 meters from the trailer. Very satisfied and with a weight on 1.5 tons lower than the other models in our fleet.”

    Statement: Anisimow Transport, Denmark.