The TK-100002 bridge inspection unit lift is designed around three booms which gives it a great flexibility and maneuverability.

The luffing boom and jib boom has extension telescopes and this gives the lift a long and deep reach while it at the same time makes it possible to operate above ground for maintenance of light bulbs etc. At the end of the main boom is a rotational joint that makes the lift cover a large area under the bridge without having to move the truck and it also serves to store the crane and to be able to work in the height.

As a safety precaution the joint will always stay in a horizontal position meaning that the rotation will happen in horizontal plane only. The working platform is installed with an automatic levelling device which can be overridden manually. As an option the outrigger support can be fitted with rubber wheels which make the truck capable of moving while in use.

The operator controls every movement of the lift from the working platform or alternatively from the truck.

Bridge inspectionThe TK 100002 is fitted with a rotational joint between the 1st and 2nd booms which enables the crane to cover a very wide area under the bridge without moving the truck. This saves a considerable amount of time inspecting the bridge and also enables the lift to operate in areas where a normal lift without a rotational joint cannot.

The main boom profile is especially designed to resist torsion when the 2nd booms rotate. The whole lift is made of specially imported extra high strength steel.


All bearings are low friction with a long life time and which require very little maintenance. All bearings have grease nipple for easy lubrication.  The Slewing System features a rugged slew ring with planetary gear and hydraulic piston motor. This ensures a long lifetime, increased safety and a very smooth slewing operating without any sudden jerks.



The hydraulic system is monitored by a separate computer system which analyses the lift loading and ensures that the lift cannot collapse or tilt. As standard the outriggers are fitted with rubber heels to enable a steady and safe inspection while the truck is moving.

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